Posted: 24-10-2013

Besides the bar, there’s a lot of other social activities here at the dorm. In the summer, a lot of residents play volleyball, and there’s a Facebook page dedicated to those people. Ask around either in person, or choose the lazy Facebook way to get social in a hurry! A lot of the social life starts with your neighbors or the bar, so don’t be shy!

Culture group

This group plans all parties for the bar (now including tournaments) and does all the decorating that follows. We have a tight cooperation with the bar managers and bartenders. We help with the cleaning after parties and events we plan together.


The dormitory has it’s own fitness room, which all residents can get access to from 7 in the morning to 11 in the evening, you find the fitness room under the bar, just down the stairs and straight forward.

It’s run by voluntary residents, who are responsible for acquiring new equipment when it’s needed. As all groups on the dorm, they have a limited budget, so be good to the equipment, and make sure you put everything back where it belongs, thank you!