Rasmus Rask Kollegiet is the biggest dormitory in Odense and it has 640 tenants living in 1-, 2- or 3- room apartments. It is located at Elmelundsvej 4, Odense V, Denmark and consists of Alfavej, Betavej and Gammavej.


Rasmus Rask Kollegiet has the following amenities to offer:

  • Shared 2 room apartments, with shared kitchen and bath.
  • Network with internet connection, fiber-optic broadband
  • Shared laundry facilities in the common house
  • Water and electricity included in the rent
  • Apartments from 24 to 59 m2
  • Special apartments for music students
  • International/exchange students
  • International environment
  • The dormitory is placed in a scenic landscape west of the Odense center and right next to the Tietgen School, Odense teacher’s college and the School of Social Education.
  • All apartments have throughout 2008/2009 gotten completely new kitchens with new appliances: stove, oven, fridge with a good freezer among other things. (blocks 26 and 27 are not yet properly equipped with everything but this will changed soon)

Click here to see the room plans and other detailed information about them.


The dormitory has facilities such as: sauna, an exercise room, rooms to use for social gatherings and a big cozy dormitory bar. In the bar it is possible to meet the other tenants, read a magazine, play a wide range of games and buy some light refreshments.

The dormitory is well suited for families: a playground and a lot of green spaces boarding the dormitory. A public primary school and a public swimming pool are placed less than 300 meters from the dormitory.

The Gym:

Opened for all the tenants between 07.00 – 23.00. There is an active group that are responsible for maintain. If you want to participate or help out, make a post on Facebook and the ones responsible will answer.

The Music House:

As a resident at RRK you are able to rent the music house, for parties, arrangements or if you have a band who need a place to practice. Write to 2020@rrk.dk to rent the Music House, or visit the office in 1700 during it’s opening hours.

The same counts if you need to borrow the bar outside it’s opening hours, though there must be a bartender hired, who also works in the bar.

The Laundry Room:

There’s a laundry room underneath the bar, with access from the side towards the football field. You use your door key to enter with and book the machines as well. Use of the laundry room is your own responsibility.

Study rooms:

Newly renovated study rooms are available at block 10 and 14. The study rooms are for all residents, but remember to clean up after yourselves, or they might be closed.

Bike and Storage:

Bike rooms and storage rooms can be found in every block and alley, and only one block or alley that has access through their door keys.

RRK Structure

RRK has two main boards in order to organize the life at the dormitory: The Department Board and The Business Board.

The Department Board (AB) handles complaints and all of the exterior spaces on RRK as well as being responsible for the buildings themselves. If you have questions or complaints, contact the Department Board on: AB@rrk.dk

The Business Board (FU) is responsible for all the main social activities at the dorm, “Say hello” party for instance. They are also responsible for leasing the musichouse or the bar for private events. The Business Board can be reached at 2020@rrk.dk on mail or during it’s opening hours, since the office is hired by the business board.