This is the survival guide page where you can find all the necessary info for the first days at RRK

Internet guide

Welcome to RRK!

When you need access to the Internet here at the dorm, you need 2 things!

1. An Ethernet cable (which can be bought at the 1700 office for 25 DKK)

2. A computer with functional browser (Explorer, Firefox, Chromo or similar)

When you have these 2 things, you are able to get access to the internet here at the dormitory. Simple plug the Ethernet cable into the socket in the wall, and the socket in your computer.

If you want to get wifi in your appartment, you need a wireless router. use the Ethernet cable on the router instead of your computer, and install the software for the router.

For Apple or Zyxel, you can find more information in here: , and if you still have problems, feel free to contact Kollegienet.

KBS Information

Kollegieboligselskabet (KBS) are the ones responsible for accomodation here at the dormitory. If you have any questions regarding your rent or payment information, it is KBS you need to contact.

KBS is located at: Cortex Park 18 A, 5230 Odense M

Phone: 66 13 40 08


Often asked questions

Q: How do I get internet in my flat?

A: There is a guide on the site – Internet Guide. If you don’t have success with logging in, you can try contacting for help, or use the dormitory Facebook page to ask people for help.


Q: How and where do I use the laundryroom?

A: The laundryroom is found in the Cernterbuilding (between block 16 and alley 30) under the bar, with only access from the site towards the football field and bonfire place.


Q: Is there a place I can keep my bike?

A: Yes there is. Every block or alley have a bike storage attached to it, where you gain entry using your magnet key. It is not every resident that have access to your storage room, so it’s safer than leaving it outside!


Q: How do i rent the bar or musichouse?

A: You either send a mail to the dormitory office at, or visit the office in it’s opening hours which is Monday and Wednesday 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm And Friday 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm.


Q: What about public transportation?

A: There are two busstops near the dormitory. The one at the entrance to the dormitory is for the local busses 41-42, which take you through the city to the trainstation, or to the University (SDU). At the big road next to the dormitory, a regional bus 130-131 will take you directly to and from the trainstation.


Q: If I want to complain about my roommate or neighbour, what do I do?

A: First you should take contact to your roommate or neighbour about the issues you might have like lack of cleaning or loudness at night. If you taking contact does not help, write a mail to in which you explain what you feel uncomfortable or irritated about, then the departmentboard will take contact to the person. Every complaint will be forwarded to the KBS to make them aware of a situation.