Dormitory meeting – FU election

Rasmus Rask Kollegiet

It is once again the time to elect a new Business Board.

The meeting will still be held at the bar. It is mandatory for the attendees to wear a mask or a visor. Please remember to take care of each other and keep reasonable distance.

The Business Board (known as FU) is responsible for all the financial technicalities here at the dormitory, and decides i.e. what the active-groups can spend their money on, but also keeps track on how the bar is doing on a financial level.

So if you’re studying any level of business, or just want to participate actively in the dormitory, we recommend that you join the Business Board.

The only requirements are that you are staying at Rasmus Rask for at least 6 more months, and that you’re not already hired by the association Kollegianerforeningen Rasmus Rask.

This meeting is for current residents only.

Those who wish to participate but are in self-isolation and/or risk zone can write a mail to

For more information, you can also check the event on Facebook.