What’s new?

Welcome! The biggest news are the launch of this new improved and updated homepage for the dormitory!

With that said, there will be updates to events in the bar, or notifications and information about the dormitory meetings.

Normal opening hours!

The office and bar are no longer running on summer schedules! The bar is now open Monday-Saturday from the previous Thursday-Saturday. The office is now open twice a week up from one! Monday and Thursday from 5pm-6pm.


The studyrooms at blok 10 and 14 will be funished soon. Furnitures have been ordered, YAY! People are free to use the studyroom beneath blok 27 as well. Remember to clean up after yourselves, or the studyrooms will be closed for access!

*Note that you have to bring your own Ethernet cable or router if you need Internet in the studyrooms!


Kind regards

- Secretaries, Managers and the departmentboard