study room block 10 / studierum blok 10

Study room in block 10.
Hereby a reminder that, the common rooms in block 10 and 14 are study rooms. Users of those rooms should of course clean up after them selves.
Probably by mistake, the common room in block 10, was used as a party room. Here it of course, applies even more, that you should clean up after yourself. Currently it looks bad. So those that held the party, should bring the room to proper state, as soon as possible. Likewise, the trash bags just outside the room, should be removed.
A consequence of this ”abuse” of the room may lead to the room being closed.

Studierum i blok 10.
Hermed en påmindelse om, at fællesrummene i blok 10 og blok 14 er studierum. Brugerne skal naturligvis selv rydde op efter sig.
Sandsynligvis ved et uheld har rummet i blok 10 været brugt som festlokale. Her gælder naturligvis i endnu højere grad, at man rydder op efter sig. I øjeblikket ser der slemt ud. Så dem, der kom til at feste, bør snarest se at få bragt rummet i en ordentlig tilstand igen. Ligeledes bør de affaldssække, der er sat i opgangen udenfor rummet fjernes snarest.
En konsekvens af dette “misbrug” af rummet kan blive, at rummet lukkes af.

The Biannual Cleaning Day (Saturday the 18th of November)

The biannual cleaning day!

Dear residents,
As most of you know, the Dormitory Board has decided to have a cleaning day twice a year. Now it’s that time again.

We, in the Department Board, Kollegieboligselskabet (KBS) and the janitors, encourage all tenants to participate in a common cleaning day to keep the dorm clean and tidy.

The cleaning day will take place Saturday the 18th of November at 10:00, where we will meet up at the Central building (in front of the bar) and organize a communal clean of the dormitory.
A cleaning day is a solution the board prefers, over hiring people to do the job, since it saves money. An event like this has been successful before, which is why we hope that it can happen again.

Upcoming events

J-day: 3rd of November 20:00 – “the snow falls” at 20:59, which basically means that they start selling the X-mas beer at that time =)

Kinky Party: 11th of November 20:00

Are you ready for the main event of the year, Kinky Party!!
It’s going to be fun!, Flirty! And Sexy as fuck!!!

We are proud to announce Amazing shows by Nuna and Jake!!!
Tickets are available for just 30dkkr. Tickets can only be bought in the door with cash! (pre-ordering tickets is not possible)
There is only 250 tickets available so be fast and get here early!!
Every person is allowed 4 people pr. key – owner of key included. This means, that the owner of the key is responsible for the people on it.

There will be a free shot for people dressed kinky, so go ahead and plan your outfit already!!!

We hope to see all you Kinky, Sexy and fun people for a Naughty Night ;)

Links to strippers:
Nuna (on stage at 23:00):

Jake (on stage at 00:00):

Upcoming Tournaments

Quiz Night: 23rd of November at 21:00

Beer Pong: 30th of November

Last chance to sign-up at 20:30

Table Football: 7th of December at 21:00

For the beer pong tournaments, you need to come to the bar half an hour before the tournament starts. If you show up too late, you are not able to participate.

Summer is coming!

Hello all

Summer is knocking on the door, and that means we will all be outside much more.

The volleyballnet is back up, so don’t limit yourself to just look at it! If you’re looking for people to play with, join this group:

With great weather comes great responsibility!! This means that we should all make sure we get the best experiences from our outdoor encounters. The bonfireplace is a typical place for such encounters, BUT to get the best experience from the bonfire, be sure to CLEANUP after yourselves! Don’t just let your fellow neighbours be the ones burdened with your lack of cleaning! If there continues to be messy around the bonfire place, the departmentboard will soon be forced to remove the bonfireplace for good, and that sure is a sad thing! Everything from bottles to newspaper should be cleaned up by those who put/spilled/dropped it. It’s a good thing we have a collective cleaning day on the 14th of may!